Q: How much does a standard title search cost?

A: Our standard title search fee is $85.00. We also have a special package for AOPA members that includes the title search, aircraft records and an accident-incident report for just $95.00.


Q: What information does a title search provide?

A: The title search provides you with the registered owner's name, previous owner's name, lists any unreleased liens, and will advise you of any other title issues or blemishes we discover in the records.


Q: Can Aero-Space Reports handle the purchase funds for my transaction and ensure a smooth closing?

A: Yes, we offer a full escrow service where we act as a neutral third party and handle the funds, document filings, payoff of any open liens, and ensure clear title for the buyer at the time of closing. That service should be initiated by using the "Open New Escrow Transaction" feature above.


Q: If a buyer wants to pay the seller directly but have you hold the Bill of Sale until delivery takes place, can we still set up a formal closing with your company?

A: Yes, that service is referred to as a document escrow. To initiate a document escrow please email info@aerospacereports.com or use the contact feature above.


Q: I've already paid for the aircraft but simply need help with filing my documents with FAA. Do you provide that filing service?

A: Yes. To initiate that service, please email info@aerospacereports.com or use the contact feature above. Our documents department will be in touch to assist with your FAA filing as soon as possible.