Escrow Services

Aero-Space Reports provides aircraft escrow services with a level of confidentiality and security that is unmatched. To further guarantee your transactions, we are fully bonded and insured, and our escrow procedure is fully compliant with the latest multi-level security protocols for electronic funds and document transfers.

When using our escrow services, we will act as a neutral third-party to the transaction in an effort to ensure a smooth transaction for all parties involved. We first conduct an FAA Title Search to determine all of the documents necessary to transfer free and clear title to the buyer of an aircraft.  We will receive all documents and funds into escrow and upon written authorization from the parties involved, disburse the funds to the appropriate parties while simultaneously filing documents with the FAA.

Aero-Space Reports' experienced staff of escrow agents closes more than 2,000 escrows per year worldwide.  We can handle all of your escrow needs including international transactions, import or export of aircraft, trade-ins, or back-to-back transactions.  We believe in a proactive approach to our escrow services and maintain high levels of communication between all parties in an escrow transaction to ensure an on-time and successful closing.

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Once the request is submitted, you will receive a response from our escrow department within 24 business hours.